Monday, 28 January 2008


Hey sup people out there! Where should I start from?Emmmmm I don't know what to blog about .I can't really think of any reasonable thing.Oh my God this is really driving me crazy.Anyhoo, let me start by saying i'm some chick somewhere on this planet who is just on a path to discoverng who she really is.I've alwayz loved the idea of blogging because it's just an avenue through which one can express his or her thoughts.I love reading people's blogs a lot.(sometimes i just think i'm kinda addicted to it) The fact that you are anonymous is just one crazy idea that thrills me about the whole "blogging thang".I'm actually in my media class now and the topic we are studying at the moment is new media technology and part of the excercise we are to do is the creation of a blog and maintaining it. This has partly led to the birth of my blog although i've been nursing the idea of owning a blog for a very long time.I've not been able to own a blog before this time due to my laziness or better still due to my very busy life. My media class has actually triggered the creation of this blog.I just hope i'm able to maintain it the way I would love to.Please FORGIVE my ranting. lol!