Tuesday, 15 April 2008


He comes like a mad cow in khaki
Looking fierce, furious and fearless
He takes over the legitimate government through the barrel of gun
He has overthrown the government given the mandate to rule
Oh how sad
The constitution of the land has been suspended
He broadcasts it over the national TV
He has taken over the helms of affair

There is pandemonium in the air
The citizenry is shocked at the news
Now there would be khaki men all around us
Like fools without conscience,
They would carry out orders to terminate innocent lives
Every man would live in fear
Cause they know not what to expect

He loots the national treasury and amasses ill gotten wealth
He is determined to embezzle the wealth of the nation
At the expense of the masses
He is answerable to no one; he is the ruler of the land
Where are the bold men to challenge his madness?

The general seats in the government house
He enjoys every moment of his stay there
He lives like he would never die
He drives ostentatious cars and eats the best food
He has the most beautiful girls of the land for his personal pleasure

Oh how foolish he is
He is oblivious to his imminent death lurking by the corner

His arrival into the city
Is characterized by blowing siren, disturbing the peace of the nation
As if that aint enough,
He causes chaos on major roads
As other road users try to avoid his convoy
Oh yea no one dares to obstruct his convoy

Something tragic has happened
We heard the breaking news
The general is dead!
The nation is thrown into a state of euphoria
Men and women, young and old jubilant over his departure
Hmm the end of the brutal ruler
Now that proverb has been fulfilled
“What goes around comes around”

The mystery of his demise can never be unravelled
“Soldier come soldier go”
How on earth did the bullets penetrate through his bullet proof car?
His head is blown into pieces
His brain is revealed to the feasting eyes of the public
He is covered by the pool of his own blood

His dreams are shattered
He wanted the future of his generation guaranteed
He wanted them to go to the best schools of the world -“Oxbridge”
As a result, he had to start gathering wealth for them
Before they were born into this world
Aint that a good ambition of the general?

Only if he knew his end was this soon
He would have lived a righteous and befitting life
Only the heavens know where his soul now rests.