Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trapped Wings

Just like a bird,
I have always thought I could fly high.
Free spirited and full of zest,
Consumed with youthful effervescence
And with ambitious dreams,        
I knew I was ready for this journey.

With pride like a Peacock, I spread my wings
I felt as strong as an Eagle
With the loftiness of an achiever,
 I set out into the world,
The unknown terrain

But on this flight,
 I was confronted with fear
The fear of the unknown tomorrow
I began to ponder what the future portends.
Immersed in negativity and uncertainty,
I felt trapped like an ant in a spider’s web
Like a prisoner behind bars,
I lost hope.

In this phase of identity crisis
My Self confidence is shattered
Every Sense of self is lost
But then I started to think
The power of self belief
can carry one through life’s journey
My wings will grow strong again
“This is just a phase,” I said to myself.
I will fly high above the sky
This time, the sky will not be my limit
But my starting point.

Memories of my mother’s assuring words
Linger in my head
I hear echoes of her voice saying
“Child, each time you fall,
Get up and dust yourself.
It’s not how many times you fall that matters
But each time you get up after every fall that counts.
You will go through life’s storms
Life will throw challenges at you
But it’s only the brave, even with shattered wings
that will always fly again.”

Charged with these great words,
My weakened wings started to muster strength
Overwhelmed with the belief I can soar high,
Higher than I can ever imagine,
I set out to fly again
With a strong conviction that no matter what hurdle I face,
I shall battle like a wounded soldier
As I ascended towards the heavens,
My strength is renewed
With a feeling that I can conquer all my fears.