Monday, 20 April 2009


I’m in the corner of my room
In bewilderment at what has just befallen me
Weeping profusely, bitterly and regretfully
Never knew love could suddenly go sour and bitter
Never knew your love is surrounded by thorns
That will eventually hurt my heart
Thought this marital bliss would last forever

You hurt me so deeply
It feels like my soul is being plunged through by a knife
Your venom travels through my veins
And it has settled in the depth of my heart
Rendering me lifeless

You used to be so sweet and charming
But now you have suddenly turned hostile towards me
You no longer see the beauty in me
That caught your attention
The sight of me now disgusts you
Oh my prince charming has turned a beast
Never knew behind the facade of your lovely face
Lies the ferocity of a beast

Had I known there were some monstrous elements in you,
I would have given walking down the aisle with you a second thought
Now I wonder if I was so stupid, young and naïve
Although I saw the signs
Your very short temperament
But I ignored it
Cause I was taken aback by your physical endowments
Your muscular and broad shoulder
The taste of your tender, sweet and sexy lips
The pleasure I derive from your performance behind closed doors
Your shiny white teeth
Totally in contrast to your evil and dark heart

Standing here in the dark
With my bleeding heart
Reminiscing over the love we once shared
Facing the hard truth that we are now done with each other
Finding it so hard to comprehend your erratic nature
But accepting my fate
This bitter sweet story of our marriage and divorce
Happened within the twinkle of an eye
Just exactly like the flash of lightening
Our union could only survive six months

Now I watch you leave
Walking out of the love we once shared
Never deeming it feet to look back and see if I’m hurt
You never really cared, did you?
Thought you exuded so much charm
Perhaps I was too blind to see beyond the surface
Our love is my regret!

Hiyah guys. Hope you all are doing fine. It has been a while since I did a post. Honestly speaking I have just been lazy. Thanks to those folks who have always dropped by. I have been following your blogs although most times I don't drop any comments. Hope you enjoyed reading this poem.