Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trapped Wings

Just like a bird,
I have always thought I could fly high.
Free spirited and full of zest,
Consumed with youthful effervescence
And with ambitious dreams,        
I knew I was ready for this journey.

With pride like a Peacock, I spread my wings
I felt as strong as an Eagle
With the loftiness of an achiever,
 I set out into the world,
The unknown terrain

But on this flight,
 I was confronted with fear
The fear of the unknown tomorrow
I began to ponder what the future portends.
Immersed in negativity and uncertainty,
I felt trapped like an ant in a spider’s web
Like a prisoner behind bars,
I lost hope.

In this phase of identity crisis
My Self confidence is shattered
Every Sense of self is lost
But then I started to think
The power of self belief
can carry one through life’s journey
My wings will grow strong again
“This is just a phase,” I said to myself.
I will fly high above the sky
This time, the sky will not be my limit
But my starting point.

Memories of my mother’s assuring words
Linger in my head
I hear echoes of her voice saying
“Child, each time you fall,
Get up and dust yourself.
It’s not how many times you fall that matters
But each time you get up after every fall that counts.
You will go through life’s storms
Life will throw challenges at you
But it’s only the brave, even with shattered wings
that will always fly again.”

Charged with these great words,
My weakened wings started to muster strength
Overwhelmed with the belief I can soar high,
Higher than I can ever imagine,
I set out to fly again
With a strong conviction that no matter what hurdle I face,
I shall battle like a wounded soldier
As I ascended towards the heavens,
My strength is renewed
With a feeling that I can conquer all my fears.

Monday, 20 April 2009


I’m in the corner of my room
In bewilderment at what has just befallen me
Weeping profusely, bitterly and regretfully
Never knew love could suddenly go sour and bitter
Never knew your love is surrounded by thorns
That will eventually hurt my heart
Thought this marital bliss would last forever

You hurt me so deeply
It feels like my soul is being plunged through by a knife
Your venom travels through my veins
And it has settled in the depth of my heart
Rendering me lifeless

You used to be so sweet and charming
But now you have suddenly turned hostile towards me
You no longer see the beauty in me
That caught your attention
The sight of me now disgusts you
Oh my prince charming has turned a beast
Never knew behind the facade of your lovely face
Lies the ferocity of a beast

Had I known there were some monstrous elements in you,
I would have given walking down the aisle with you a second thought
Now I wonder if I was so stupid, young and naïve
Although I saw the signs
Your very short temperament
But I ignored it
Cause I was taken aback by your physical endowments
Your muscular and broad shoulder
The taste of your tender, sweet and sexy lips
The pleasure I derive from your performance behind closed doors
Your shiny white teeth
Totally in contrast to your evil and dark heart

Standing here in the dark
With my bleeding heart
Reminiscing over the love we once shared
Facing the hard truth that we are now done with each other
Finding it so hard to comprehend your erratic nature
But accepting my fate
This bitter sweet story of our marriage and divorce
Happened within the twinkle of an eye
Just exactly like the flash of lightening
Our union could only survive six months

Now I watch you leave
Walking out of the love we once shared
Never deeming it feet to look back and see if I’m hurt
You never really cared, did you?
Thought you exuded so much charm
Perhaps I was too blind to see beyond the surface
Our love is my regret!

Hiyah guys. Hope you all are doing fine. It has been a while since I did a post. Honestly speaking I have just been lazy. Thanks to those folks who have always dropped by. I have been following your blogs although most times I don't drop any comments. Hope you enjoyed reading this poem.

Monday, 7 July 2008


(The sad tale of a prisoner)

Oh jailer! Jailer! Jailer!
Why hast thou treated me this way?
Why do you treat me with so much contempt?
As if I aint a human being like you
Do you really derive pleasure from incarcerating people?
Oh you must do cause you earn a living through this
This act of jailing other fellas puts a meal on your table
And perhaps a smile on your face too

Everyday of your life
You wake up in anticipation
With your head held high to jail your next victim
You come in all your majesty to do the do – “jailing”
Although I feel remorseful for my evil deeds
You feel I haven’t learnt enough lessons
So you come and taunt me
You remind me of my deeds
That brought me to this hollow dungeon
Thanks Mr Jailer for reminding me

Just because you roam freely on the streets
Doesn't mean you aint in jail yourself
You work in the jail- hence you’ve ultimately been jailed
You forget we are mere mortals
In different forms of jails
You know you suffer from the illness “mind imprisonment”
What greater jail could a human being ever be in?
Order than that in which your mind is perpetually imprisoned

Oh today your countenance looks different
You are known for carrying out your official duty
With a smile on your face
But I saw the horror in your face today
I saw the pain flowing through your veins
Though you tried hard to hide it
But your demeanour failed you
Why aint you beaming with smile today Mr Jailer?
Cause it’s your blood- your only son
Ha ha ha ha ha
We are all in jail together
You, your son and I.

This poem was inspired by Asa's song titled "jailer". I have always wanted to write a poem titled jailer. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Monday, 16 June 2008


Hey sup people! Ow una dey? Hope all is going on well with you guys. I am sorry for not updating since ages ago. I just finished exams and I have been busy also. I have missed blogging a lot and I hope I haven't missed much ooo. Oh heavens I have a lot to catch up with. I will visit your blogs soon to read all that I have missed. Thanks to all of you who left comments on my last post and thanks for checking on my blog. This blogging thingy is quite demanding oo. Hmmm I salute you folks who blog regularly. It appears im running out of ideas of what to blog about but I will try hard to blog regularly. I guess the tagging season is over abi? Errrrrrm I will still do my six quirky stuff sha. Arghhhhhhh I have not really come up with anything ooo. But I will post something this week. Love to you all.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


They visit at the hour you least expect
Some visit during the dark hours of the night
When you are in the comfort of your room
Answering to the sweet call of nature
Others visit in broad daylight
In the full glare of everyone
Some are even audacious to the point of notifying you of their imminent visit
They unleash their terror on their victims
Leaving them in shock, pain and misery

They are the men of the underworld
Some of them are gentlemen of the highway
They are heartless, merciless and with no conscience
They arm themselves with all forms of ammunition
Ranging from guns, machetes and “jazz”
To perpetuate their evil acts

Different victims have different experiences of their encounter with them
Some are left with poignant memories of the ugly incident
Especially in cases where an innocent blood was shed
They cut short the lives of breadwinners
Leaving their families in a precarious state
May the heavens rain curses on their heads for their cruel acts

Men of the underworld unleash terror in neighbourhoods
They cause pandemonium and uncertainty
Through endless gunshots from their weapons of destruction

Individuals scamper for safety in the bid to save their heads
They can no longer sleep with both eyes closed
Cause they know not when they would strike again
May these men never know peace cause they do not deserve it.

I was just thinking about some ugly experience which took place on the first of january in the year 2000 when my neigbour was murdered by armed robbers. It was a shocking experience and each time I think about that fateful day, I normally feel really sad. Only God knows the time when men of the underworld would stop terrorising their fellow citizens all in the name of trying to make a living. Oh I was tagged by Ejura, I'm gonna do that later.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


He comes like a mad cow in khaki
Looking fierce, furious and fearless
He takes over the legitimate government through the barrel of gun
He has overthrown the government given the mandate to rule
Oh how sad
The constitution of the land has been suspended
He broadcasts it over the national TV
He has taken over the helms of affair

There is pandemonium in the air
The citizenry is shocked at the news
Now there would be khaki men all around us
Like fools without conscience,
They would carry out orders to terminate innocent lives
Every man would live in fear
Cause they know not what to expect

He loots the national treasury and amasses ill gotten wealth
He is determined to embezzle the wealth of the nation
At the expense of the masses
He is answerable to no one; he is the ruler of the land
Where are the bold men to challenge his madness?

The general seats in the government house
He enjoys every moment of his stay there
He lives like he would never die
He drives ostentatious cars and eats the best food
He has the most beautiful girls of the land for his personal pleasure

Oh how foolish he is
He is oblivious to his imminent death lurking by the corner

His arrival into the city
Is characterized by blowing siren, disturbing the peace of the nation
As if that aint enough,
He causes chaos on major roads
As other road users try to avoid his convoy
Oh yea no one dares to obstruct his convoy

Something tragic has happened
We heard the breaking news
The general is dead!
The nation is thrown into a state of euphoria
Men and women, young and old jubilant over his departure
Hmm the end of the brutal ruler
Now that proverb has been fulfilled
“What goes around comes around”

The mystery of his demise can never be unravelled
“Soldier come soldier go”
How on earth did the bullets penetrate through his bullet proof car?
His head is blown into pieces
His brain is revealed to the feasting eyes of the public
He is covered by the pool of his own blood

His dreams are shattered
He wanted the future of his generation guaranteed
He wanted them to go to the best schools of the world -“Oxbridge”
As a result, he had to start gathering wealth for them
Before they were born into this world
Aint that a good ambition of the general?

Only if he knew his end was this soon
He would have lived a righteous and befitting life
Only the heavens know where his soul now rests.

Monday, 25 February 2008


Right from the womb I could discern the sounds of gunshots
I could distinguish between the sounds of machine gun and AK47
I could hear the intense drum beats of war
I could hear war lords charging at their men to proceed to the war front
I kept on pondering what the outside world would be like

At birth, I realised it, it became apparent
I was born into a warring nation
Then it dawned on me that I was in trouble
I was going to be bred in an unpleasant environment

No lullaby
No nursery rhymes
My mother had the best voice on earth
All she could sing were songs of sorrow, anguish and pain
The only songs I learnt were war songs

It was inevitable, it was meant to be
I was destined to be a “soldier boy”
No words of encouragement to get me inspired to become a great person in life
The only form of encouragement was from the soldier man
He charges at my comrades and I to march to the battle field

We were hardened
Our hearts as hard as a solid rock
We were trained to be merciless
To kill, maim and to destroy

We were deprived of childhood
Those years of complete innocence
I wonder what it feels like
Those years we were to be under the warmth of our mothers’
Sometimes I wish I was never born
I cursed the day I was born

Peace and tranquillity were rare commodities
Our communities were full of soldier men in armoured tanks
Women were raped, girls robbed off their chastity
All we could see around us was horror
Gory images of innocent souls gruesomely murdered was normal
Blood, decaying corpses and bullet ridden homes was normal

I struggled through adulthood
I became emotionally unstable because of events of past years
I was denied the bliss of childhood
I vowed my children would not undergo what I went through
I wanted them to experience childhood

The ghosts of my past life haunt me
In my dream, I see souls of children we killed during the war
They are hunting for me in vengeance
It is not my fault
I was destined to be a soldier child

Alas the war is finally over
Everything seems to be falling into place
Soldier men no longer on our streets
No sounds of gun shot
A sigh of relief at last

Now I’m happily married
My wife is almost due
I’m in a state of euphoria

Arghhh fear is not over yet
Another war just broke out

I thought the war would be part of history
I would tell my children as tales of the past
Under the Sycamore tree at my backyard, I would tell those tales
Tales of how their father survived and struggled through the war

I vowed my children would enjoy childhood in its real sense
But it’s the case no more
They will have to live through the new war and perhaps become soldier boys.