Monday, 7 July 2008


(The sad tale of a prisoner)

Oh jailer! Jailer! Jailer!
Why hast thou treated me this way?
Why do you treat me with so much contempt?
As if I aint a human being like you
Do you really derive pleasure from incarcerating people?
Oh you must do cause you earn a living through this
This act of jailing other fellas puts a meal on your table
And perhaps a smile on your face too

Everyday of your life
You wake up in anticipation
With your head held high to jail your next victim
You come in all your majesty to do the do – “jailing”
Although I feel remorseful for my evil deeds
You feel I haven’t learnt enough lessons
So you come and taunt me
You remind me of my deeds
That brought me to this hollow dungeon
Thanks Mr Jailer for reminding me

Just because you roam freely on the streets
Doesn't mean you aint in jail yourself
You work in the jail- hence you’ve ultimately been jailed
You forget we are mere mortals
In different forms of jails
You know you suffer from the illness “mind imprisonment”
What greater jail could a human being ever be in?
Order than that in which your mind is perpetually imprisoned

Oh today your countenance looks different
You are known for carrying out your official duty
With a smile on your face
But I saw the horror in your face today
I saw the pain flowing through your veins
Though you tried hard to hide it
But your demeanour failed you
Why aint you beaming with smile today Mr Jailer?
Cause it’s your blood- your only son
Ha ha ha ha ha
We are all in jail together
You, your son and I.

This poem was inspired by Asa's song titled "jailer". I have always wanted to write a poem titled jailer. Hope you guys enjoyed it.