Tuesday, 6 May 2008


They visit at the hour you least expect
Some visit during the dark hours of the night
When you are in the comfort of your room
Answering to the sweet call of nature
Others visit in broad daylight
In the full glare of everyone
Some are even audacious to the point of notifying you of their imminent visit
They unleash their terror on their victims
Leaving them in shock, pain and misery

They are the men of the underworld
Some of them are gentlemen of the highway
They are heartless, merciless and with no conscience
They arm themselves with all forms of ammunition
Ranging from guns, machetes and “jazz”
To perpetuate their evil acts

Different victims have different experiences of their encounter with them
Some are left with poignant memories of the ugly incident
Especially in cases where an innocent blood was shed
They cut short the lives of breadwinners
Leaving their families in a precarious state
May the heavens rain curses on their heads for their cruel acts

Men of the underworld unleash terror in neighbourhoods
They cause pandemonium and uncertainty
Through endless gunshots from their weapons of destruction

Individuals scamper for safety in the bid to save their heads
They can no longer sleep with both eyes closed
Cause they know not when they would strike again
May these men never know peace cause they do not deserve it.

I was just thinking about some ugly experience which took place on the first of january in the year 2000 when my neigbour was murdered by armed robbers. It was a shocking experience and each time I think about that fateful day, I normally feel really sad. Only God knows the time when men of the underworld would stop terrorising their fellow citizens all in the name of trying to make a living. Oh I was tagged by Ejura, I'm gonna do that later.