Monday, 20 April 2009


I’m in the corner of my room
In bewilderment at what has just befallen me
Weeping profusely, bitterly and regretfully
Never knew love could suddenly go sour and bitter
Never knew your love is surrounded by thorns
That will eventually hurt my heart
Thought this marital bliss would last forever

You hurt me so deeply
It feels like my soul is being plunged through by a knife
Your venom travels through my veins
And it has settled in the depth of my heart
Rendering me lifeless

You used to be so sweet and charming
But now you have suddenly turned hostile towards me
You no longer see the beauty in me
That caught your attention
The sight of me now disgusts you
Oh my prince charming has turned a beast
Never knew behind the facade of your lovely face
Lies the ferocity of a beast

Had I known there were some monstrous elements in you,
I would have given walking down the aisle with you a second thought
Now I wonder if I was so stupid, young and naïve
Although I saw the signs
Your very short temperament
But I ignored it
Cause I was taken aback by your physical endowments
Your muscular and broad shoulder
The taste of your tender, sweet and sexy lips
The pleasure I derive from your performance behind closed doors
Your shiny white teeth
Totally in contrast to your evil and dark heart

Standing here in the dark
With my bleeding heart
Reminiscing over the love we once shared
Facing the hard truth that we are now done with each other
Finding it so hard to comprehend your erratic nature
But accepting my fate
This bitter sweet story of our marriage and divorce
Happened within the twinkle of an eye
Just exactly like the flash of lightening
Our union could only survive six months

Now I watch you leave
Walking out of the love we once shared
Never deeming it feet to look back and see if I’m hurt
You never really cared, did you?
Thought you exuded so much charm
Perhaps I was too blind to see beyond the surface
Our love is my regret!

Hiyah guys. Hope you all are doing fine. It has been a while since I did a post. Honestly speaking I have just been lazy. Thanks to those folks who have always dropped by. I have been following your blogs although most times I don't drop any comments. Hope you enjoyed reading this poem.



hey girl! welcome back!

For posterity sake, the third sentence of the last paragraph uses the word "feet" but it should be "fit".

Is this based on a recent situation? I hope all is well and that there will be more frequent updates. Let us know how you are apart from being lazy, lol!

Today's ranting said...

Oh I see it. It is just one of those mistakes. Thanks for the observation .It is just a poem. It has got nothing to do with me.

My World said...

A poem,huh?
First time here.

StandTall-The Activist said...

So deep and sorrowful. Welcome back

BSNC said...

the poem is pretty deep and sad...

Poetry in the Global Box said...

Sad and beautiful...

Uzezi said...

i hope u r alright sha o. nice writeup if i may had. what i know about poetry unlike fiction is that you tend to write from experience. be good and fine

Omo Oba said...

bitter sweet? i am thinking it is all bitter now. Thank God this has nothing to do with u but whoever it is, I pray they find peace, and the strength to love again.

sanely insane said...

one more on the boulevard of broken dreams...

posekyere said...

Thanks Today's ranting for visiting my blog.
It is my turn to taste the wine of your burning desire. I am loving what I am reading.
I am not a psycho-analyst by any stretch of imagination however the spirit of the poem points to a confession of a heart known to you. No?
The poem is relevant and honest. I wish though that you could have ended on a triumphant epiphany to emphasize the fact that divorce is not the end of the road.

Today's ranting said...

@ posekyre. Oh yea, if the poem had ended on a triumphant note it would have been nice sha. I just go with the flow of the spirit when I'm writing bo. Thanks for visiting too.

Debbie said...

This is so touchy!
for you to write from your heart like this even when it's nothing to do with you is amazing. most people write from experience. Nice one.

Thanks for visiting my place.

Mz. Eniola said...

d poem iz sad :(
but well written!x


just checking in babe

Gee said...

kind of new to blogsville nd on this blog!
love it!
i was afraid cuz i almost thot it had to do with u..
but seeing ur reply to solomonsydelle..
im glad!!

Anonymous said...

wow..okay!this is my first time here...nice poem ....kinda made me scared though...i knew from the start that it wasnt a situation u were in that u were writing about but i was just thinking of saying yes to a guy.but u just spoilt it for me.ughh!!lol
thanks for stopping by..i appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Its Tisha
nice poem, real too
marriage should never end in divorce
i believe that true love
never fails.
peace, glad u love my blog
i am loving urs right now

...wanna keep reading.

James Tubman said...

people change my sister

its the only constant in life

Dammy said...

See who is back!!!

Nice poem.

Just wondering...does this depict current realities?

Hope you are staying afloat?

miss b said...

I lovee your blog! Check out mine-

novisi said...

now who is this one who just did this to you???

come to me
let me rub away all the bitterness
and replace them with sweetness!


nice touching one. bitter sweet!

He Says..© said...

i love this...i dont appeals to me in a way i cant really describe...

RocNaija said...

Personifies a womans emotions when she's on the receiving end of a strong thing..

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Hey, just thot i'll come by and leave a comment cos u blessed by blog with so much of

There's so much creativity here too and i love the way poem tells a story..the last line has so much emotion and it such a bold statement!

omoh said...

thank God its a poem cuz it sounded real to can only imagine the pain of a heartbreak.
2nd,welcome back 4m ur sojorn.its almost a year.and they say i take time to update!.

Discombobulated Diva said...

ran across your blog, and i was destined to read the poem you posted, cause I am going through that exact situation at the moment... thx...~DD

Today's ranting said...

@ Dicombobulated diva

Awwww I'm really sorry for ur present situation. I pray God gives you the srengh to carry on through your difficult situation. Hop everthing turns good for you. It is well.

uNWrItten* said...

someone needs to

tobenna said...

Sad and dark poem.
But nicely written

ManCee said...

Nice one...

I quote the late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya,
"...If love is blind, marriage is an eye opener."

thank God this aint about you.

ps: Hope this isnt your 2009 annual blog entry o. We want more...

Oracle said...

That was long and very direct. I think six months is too short a time for a marriage. Nice job TR


Hope all is well.

Dammy said...

i've been away as well but i am really wondering, are you still hanging on?

Pearly-Blu said...

stop being Lazy more...btw you'r blog is sooo neat, I like

sunnyside said...

I kept saying in mind as i read.
'Oh let dis be just a poem'
its so sad yet beautifully written. Nice blog

EXSENO said...

Very good poem. This is a poem that many people will be able to relate to.
It has been a long time, I had given up on you. Glad to see you are back.

2cute4u said...

Way too deep...I stopped half way..
Makes you feel all hope's lost,you know?but infact it isn't., well i'm new here, so what do i know huh?

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African Poet said...

This is a beautiful poem. It speaks the mind of many. Good job

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