Monday, 7 July 2008


(The sad tale of a prisoner)

Oh jailer! Jailer! Jailer!
Why hast thou treated me this way?
Why do you treat me with so much contempt?
As if I aint a human being like you
Do you really derive pleasure from incarcerating people?
Oh you must do cause you earn a living through this
This act of jailing other fellas puts a meal on your table
And perhaps a smile on your face too

Everyday of your life
You wake up in anticipation
With your head held high to jail your next victim
You come in all your majesty to do the do – “jailing”
Although I feel remorseful for my evil deeds
You feel I haven’t learnt enough lessons
So you come and taunt me
You remind me of my deeds
That brought me to this hollow dungeon
Thanks Mr Jailer for reminding me

Just because you roam freely on the streets
Doesn't mean you aint in jail yourself
You work in the jail- hence you’ve ultimately been jailed
You forget we are mere mortals
In different forms of jails
You know you suffer from the illness “mind imprisonment”
What greater jail could a human being ever be in?
Order than that in which your mind is perpetually imprisoned

Oh today your countenance looks different
You are known for carrying out your official duty
With a smile on your face
But I saw the horror in your face today
I saw the pain flowing through your veins
Though you tried hard to hide it
But your demeanour failed you
Why aint you beaming with smile today Mr Jailer?
Cause it’s your blood- your only son
Ha ha ha ha ha
We are all in jail together
You, your son and I.

This poem was inspired by Asa's song titled "jailer". I have always wanted to write a poem titled jailer. Hope you guys enjoyed it.


Dammy said...


Hmmm... I love the twist at the end!

Good Job!

Standtall said...

As I was reading thru this poem, It reminded me of Asa song sharp sharp then I saw your comment at the end of the post. Hmmmmmmm, good, good.

the genius within said...

nice, really nice.
sad twist at the end though, and don't blame the jailer for 'actually' liking his job.

so many of us don't like our jobs, lol..take care

debasish.. said...

wow.. nice one dere.
I nvr evr thot how a jailer is... it seems so true !

LG said...

nice, i esp like 'You know you suffer from the illness “mind imprisonment”
so true, i kno sumone like dat....

how u???

chi-grace said...

Its true, Sometimes, peeps go dey feel like sey dem dey do anoda person but they are so unaware that na demselves dem dey do. Ignorance aint bliss here oo, its more like stupid!

9ice one jare.....tell them

One Man’s Opinion said...

I am with genius on this one. I not sure I get this poem. I don't even know if the words hold true, although I can take it at face value and just enjoy it for what it is, a great peace of writing, but there is something inside of me that makes me want to dive further into the poem and ask questions of it's author, but I will not.

Sasuke said...

nice post dear.

feeling it

Mz. Dee said...

Like dammy, i loved the twist at the end!

Great job!

princesa said...

Did i tell you , i love ur writing?
Well, i just did,lol!

wellsbaba said...

lol...good poem but lemme b a lil hilarious.....d prisoner is only consolin himself in d inprisonment of d gaurds son....he aint rily sorry4his deeds......

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ejura said...

Ain't we all in some jail of sorts?
As children we are controlled by parents.
In school, our teachers are our slave masters
We get jobs and we submit to our bosses goals and aspirations
We get married and our spouses limit to an extent the freedom we so oft desire.
All of us prisoners of life, jailed on earth.

ablackjamesbond said...

Nice one. Good job!

Today's ranting said...

Hmmm I feel you Ejura.

Kafo said...

very good

but sad

Free-flowing Florida said...

eh ya! feel so sad 4 d jailer. guess, he's now learnt dat 'sinfulness' is not reserved 2 a particular 'type' of people!

*i've updated*

Uzezi said...

i saw the title and i guessed Asa.

i have missed your blog and ur poems. How have u been?

wellsbaba said...

where hav u bin naw.......upload som more poems.....we miss you!

Afrobabe said...

hahahhahah...wonder how the jailer would treat prisoners knowing his son is one of them...


ah, I was thinking Asa all the way and then saw your note.

Nice one!

anonymous gal said...

coulnt read the poem. i kept on singin jailer in my head and mixed it wit ur poem. that and i hate poems

Mz. Dee said...

update na.. plz?

LG said...

just checking up on u,
hope all is well?????

Kafo said...

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Jarrai said...

please update...we need gist lol

Dammy said...

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update!

How are you?

Mz. Dee said...

missin ure creativity.. update plz!

*changed my blog url so u shud prob edit it on ur blogroll xx*

Mz. Dee said...
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Onyeka Nwelue said...

Did you listen to Asa's Jailer? This is so evocative!

badderchic said...


Don said...


Whenever someone asks me what does (my blog title) 'minus the bars' mean...I tell them what you jusy wrote, although your words are much more insightful and eloquent.

I really enjoyed reading this. It was the truth.

EXSENO said...

I enjoyed it, it's very good.


okay, so i was going over some old comments on my blog, I do that so I can figure out who is missing in action and voila, I came here because you have been gone for far too long.

na wetin do you> Are you okay, sweetie? Abeg, contact somebody, let us know how you are. Pretty please?

Take care and update please.

Mz. Dee said...

hey.... hope ure ok.. miss ya.. plz update..

Oracle said...

You're in chains, I'm in chains too
You wear uniforms, I wear uniforms.

ooh I'm sorry This is the remix.
Whassup TR, itz been a while.
Nice post

I wrote poem that shares the same title with your blog
Burning Desire

Read it and tell me what you think.

Afronuts said...

Okay I nearly thot it was Asa's lyrics u put there until I read thru...

but the twist in the end was marvelous! The poem actually told a story apart from muse about being jailed


ah, ah? You are stil not updating?

AlooFar said...

Please, where are you?

Robyn said...

uuummm I like it here,,,,goodstuff


Do come back to us...

Jarrai said...

Happy 2009..hope u come back soon xx

mike said...

Coooooooooooooool! keep writing

omoh said...

i enjoyed this.there's something bout poets-gifted writers.reminded me of asa.
its been a while,where r u? in space?!lol.pls come back oh.

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Just saw the comment you left at Sugebelly's and I waved to you over there then rushed over for an update.


Please come back babe. All the bloggers I blogged with have gone away. Come back to us Ms. Ranting...

You can do it...


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